Interagency Steering Committee on Radiation Standards


MARSSIM (Multi-Agency Radiation Survey and Site Investigation Manual) WORKGROUP

The mission of the Workgroup is to provide technical processes and methods, which are accepted and endorsed across the Federal government and State governments, that regulators and users of radioactivity can use to measure radioactivity to demonstrate compliance with applicable criteria. For more information visit -

Subcommittee Chair

Kathryn Snead (EPA)

Member Agencies of Subcommittee

Subcommittee Members

  • David Alberth (DOD)
  • Nidal Azzam (EPA)
  • Ramachandra Bhat (DOD)
  • Craig Bias (DOD)
  • Steve Doremus (DOD)
  • Jenny Goodman (State of New Jersey)
  • Tony Huffert (NRC)
  • Kathleen McAllister (State of Massachusetts)
  • Bob Meck (NRC)
  • George Powers (NRC)
  • Boby Abu-Eid (NRC)
  • Amanda Anderson (DOE)
  • Gerald Falo (DoD)
  • Eugene Jablonowski (EPA)
  • Darrell Liles (EPA)

States Department of Homeland Security Department of Transportation Department of Labor Department of Health and Human Services Department of Defense Environmental Protection Agency Nuclear Regulatory Commission Department of Energy